Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Last Chapter

Only a couple hours ago(or days), the demo was released and we were wrong about it being in Fredbears Family Diner, it’s inside a house.

There’s a party in 5 days.


Facts and Theory’s about Five Nights at Freddy’s 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • FNaF 1 had doors, but no vents.
  • FNaF 2 had a long hallway, vents on either side, but no doors.
  • FNaF 3 had one doorway on the left, one vent over on the right, vents can be sealed, mini ventilation system and errors can occur.
  • FNaF 1 theory, the Puppet is supposedly behind you or in the kitchen for all the time you spend at the second pizzeria.
  • FNaF 2, the Purple Guy is a security guard we know this from the yellow badge.

Purple Guy with Badgefnaf-security-badge_bronze

  • FNaF 3, does Springtrap allow the New Attraction to burn to the ground?                                           (It is said that you can see Springtrap in the background of the article, does this mean that Springtrap will be in FNaF 4?)


  • FNaF 3, is Balloon Boy bad? In FNaF 2 he stops you from using your flashlight allowing Foxy to run straight to you.
  • FNaF 3, is Springtrap seeking revenge? Or is he still alive?
  • FNaF 1, is Foxy someone else? Because when he is not at Pirates Cove, the sign sometimes says “IT’S ME”, so who is Foxy?!?!


  • FNaF 2, in one of the mini-games, you play as Freddy and follow the Puppet, and then you die by Purple Guy, and it says “You can’t…” And the rest of the message is “Run” that we got from the website.
  • Thought: You play as the same guard from the 3 games, you start in 1987, age possibly 21, twenty years later your 41 years old and still working for Fazbear Ent. Thirty years later, now aged 71 you have trouble breathing but you don’t work for Fazbear Ent. anymore.
  • FNaF 3 teaser image: Springtrap has pointed teeth, but in the game he has flat square teeth, is this a lie?
  • Mini-Question: Was the lured and murdered before or after the Bite of ‘87?
  • Spare Suit: Phone guy tells us that there is a spare suit in the back room, a yellow one to be exact! Now is this suit Golden Freddy or Springtrap?
  • Mangle: They say Mangle gets dismantled by children, why is Mangle so easy to take apart?!
  • Phone guy: Phone Guy is voiced by Scott himself, we already know this but how does he speak to us in FNaF 3? For he died in FNaF 1 on night 4.
  • FNaF 2 Theory: The building was closed down, but was the pizzeria bulldozed and rebuilt at a costly price, this could mean the reason of the low budget protection and the power limitations.
  • Fact: All the animatronics screams are all off one child laughing but sped up.
  • Motive? : Did the purple guy have a reason for killing the children? Or was it out of sheer cruelty?
  • Question: Is Balloon Boy the one who is controlling Foxy? And if so, why?
  • Connections: Are Balloon Boy and Foxy connected? And is Mangle and Chica connected? For in FNaF 2, both pairs are either seen together or helping the other.
  • Evil BB? : Why has BB all of a sudden turned bad? In FNaF 3 he now has a jump-scare.
  • Fact: In FNaF 1, 2 and 3 Foxy is still one of the most beloved characters in the game.
  • FNaF 2: Is Toy Chica a bit too sexual? Considering this is a family place of business.
  • Needs to be answered: In FNaF 2, could the mask you wear be Bonnie’s? Because he has no face in the game.
  • Fact, Back room: If Springtrap already rested in the back room, why does the Purple Guy dismantle the four animatronics while they can’t get to him in the back room anyway? Also, Purple Guy isn’t and didn’t create Springtrap because it was already in the back room.
  • Malfunction: If the animatronics can’t get into the back room, upon entering Springtrap the suit shuts off from not being able to enter the back room, alas killing him.
  • Fact: You don’t get paid at the end of FNaF 3 unlike FNaF 1 and 2.
  • Think: The Puppet has scratches on his right cheek, which must be from the endoskeleton from FNaF 2 when it was in the box.
  • Question: If it isn’t the pizzeria but an attraction, why are there paintings on the walls in FNaF 3?
  • Names: What are the animatronics real names?
  • FNaF 2 Mini-game: In the Give Gifts and Give Life mini-game, one frame before the Golden Freddy jump-scare, there is a fifth child. Who is that child?
  • FNaF 3 mini games: Why are all the mini-games connected, like the Mangle and BB mini-games?
  • Freddy and Golden Freddy: They are both not the same, they are different, why is that?
  • Could FNaF 4 be set at Fredbears Family Diner, where it all began?